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I bought all my lenses (except the 1000mm one) secondhand.

When I was working I did a lot of travelling, and always called in to camera shops to see what they had for little money.

I got back into photography when my son asked for a camera so that he could join a photography course at his highschool.

I offered him a new Praktica - or a secondhand ME Super (for the same money). He chose the ME Super.

I thought it such a nice camera that I bought one for myself (and another for my daughter). I had been without a camera (other than the Vito BL which wasn't used much anyway) for a couple of decades.
(Actually that isn't true - I bought a Polaroid camera to take snaps of the children when they were very young.)

Anyway, I progressed from the ME Super to a Super A and expanded my collection of lenses as and when I found suitable ones at the right price.

My major activity has been at airshows, but more recently I have attended shows of old vehicles (cars as well as trucks) - and, of course, I now have grandchildren!

I have at least one screw-thread lens (85mm f1.4 IIRC) which I used with a bayonet adaptor.
Most of my lenses are KA fitting, though I have a few 'classic' K-type lenses (40mm pancake and a 50mm f1.2 for example).

The mirror lenses are simple K-fitting of course, being fixed aperture!

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