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I have the 18-55 kit lens and my newly-acquired Sigma 28-300mm.

I also carry (when I'm 'out on an assignment' - ie something like an airshow) manual focus Sigma 75-300mm and Sigma 400mm. I also have a much-loved and frequently-used (with 35mm film) Vivitar 28-200mm which was my standard-fit lens when I shot on film.

Among my collection of manual lenses I have a fisheye and two mirror lenses (500mm and 1000mm) though I haven't used any of these since I went digital. To be fair I haven't really ever used the 1000mm (well, maybe a couple of times to shoot views of the Moon). It is a Russian lens and one of the few that I bought new (I was still working then). Both mirror lenses are fixed aperture f8.
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