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G6 UXU 6th September 2010 14:53

I have got a Canon 50D with two lenses a EFS 17-85mm and a EF 75-300mm, what I would like to know is what lenses do you use for aviation photography for the best results. ;)

G-CPTN 6th September 2010 16:36

When I use film, my 'best' lens used to be a Sigma 75-300mm APO f4.5-5.6

I have a Sigma 400mm f5.6 but it was too long (and fixed focal length) for most of the airshow shots, but, as time has gone by they are moving the aircraft further and further away from the spectators (and flying higher).

I'm considering a Sigma 28-300mm f3.5-6.3 (autofocus) for my digital Pentax K200D Super as the above are manual focus only.

G6 UXU 6th September 2010 19:55

Thanks G-C, sorry for late reply my internet has been off for two hours and more. Let me know when you get the Sigma 28-300mm and how it performs.

G-CPTN 6th September 2010 20:25

Considering . . .

audiman m6 aen 9th September 2010 22:15

If there are any special shows you are going too, you could always consider hiring a large lens for a day or two. You see the adverts in the camera magazines I give you. Apparrantley they are hired out at a reasonable cost. I have never tried it though


G6 UXU 10th September 2010 05:57

Thanks Alan, never thought of that, I will have a look in the magazine.

Andy 19th September 2010 11:49

Depends what I'm going to be shooting, but I like at least 400mm and as fast a lens as possible (which usually means f4 with a 300mm f2.8 + 1.4x teleconverter) but having a fixed focal length means either a 2nd body with another lens attached or juggling changing lenses...and the latter is not much fun.

I've never fancied taking my 600/4 to an airshow, the need to take large & heavy support complicates mattters further.

I usually have the 300/2.8 + 1.4 tc on a body with a 1.3x sensor crop and a 70-200 f4 on a full frame body.

audiman m6 aen 19th September 2010 15:42

Thanks Andy, I see that Canon are releasing a Mk III version of both sizes in December, may give it a go then as they will fit my L series lenses


Andy 19th September 2010 15:58


Originally Posted by audiman m6 aen (Post 86)
Thanks Andy, I see that Canon are releasing a Mk III version of both sizes in December, may give it a go then as they will fit my L series lenses


Yes, and as with the newer Sigma teleconverters, the fact that their last element (nearest camera body) has fancy new anti reflective coatings, sort of makes one of the selling points of their forthcoming (massively expensive) lenses a bit irrelevant.

Having said that, the new lenses from Canon do have a lot of 'extras'... but even selling my current lenses, the extra needed is totally out of the question without a lottery win :eek: I'd hoped to sell for example my 300/2.8 for 2.5k, add another 1k or 1.5k and get the newer version... not a hope, another 5k, absolutely ridiculous :mad:


audiman m6 aen 23rd September 2010 14:17

Hi Andy, just to let you know I have just ordered a MKII Canon 2 times extender, I cannot see the point of having a MKIII when I use L series lenses.

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